It is a pleasure for us to offer you establishing of the cooperation including supplies of the metalwork according to you needs based on presented selected groups. A broad trade offer of our company is guaranteeing comprehensive supplying of manufacturing companies, wholesale company, shops and individuals customer.

All goods offered by our Company are holding quality certificates and come from producers guaranteeing the best quality.

Our the company is to you of instructions, even for subjects not included in stock. Our long-term professional know-how is of help at considering and satisfying the needs of our customers.

We believe that the cooperation with our company will bring you notable benefits.

Our offer:

I am presenting preliminary information about the scope of our assortment. We have goods displayed below from Polish factories on the state, and we are also an importer from Italy and Germany of the assortment listed below:

  • Screw in classes 8,8 to 12,9, diameters to M64, length to 500 mm
  • Screw HV in sizes to M60 with Certificates
  • Screw DIN 912 in classes 8,8 to 12,9, diameters to M80, length to 600 mm
  • Screw and Nuts DIN 2510 European norms and American norms
  • Screw and Nuts in class 5.6 with Certificates
  • DIN 7991 class 8.8-10.9, diameters to M30, length to 300 mm
  • Hexagon socket set screws45 H DIN 913, 914, 915, 916
  • Hexagon Nuts metric, fine thread, inch, self locking hexagon Nuts, hexagon fine
  • DIN 1478, 1480
  • Systems to Technik Solars
  • Rivets all, different Colours, threaded Inserts
  • Washers all and Specials
  • inch Screws, fine Screws from A2 and A4
  • DIN 975 metric, fine, inch classes 8.8 to 12.9 and A2 / A4 diameters to M80
  • Studs all norms
  • bearing balls all diameter and material
  • Spring all type
  • Seegerring
  • we execute Zink Plated, HDG, Dacromet, Xylan


Call us: +48525525058

Send us your request to receive our price proposals of the assortment

Awaiting your wishes
Best regards.

On behalf of Carbon Steel sp. z o.o

We are also executing orders of products with fine threads, with UNC and UNF threads and orders of steel A2 and A4.
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